Verbal Distribution Agreement

What will happen if the manufacturer changes the brand? Below we ask some questions that need to be taken into account when drafting the provisions of the Products Agreement. This is why the parties have not agreed on a jurisdiction clause (and the clause, if it exists in each sales contract, is not normally applicable to the tacit framework agreement). If the supplier terminates the relationship and the reseller decides to assert a right to an unlawful termination, the reseller will attempt to bring the dispute before its own courts, while the supplier will attempt to achieve the opposite result. Obviously, the interests differ considerably depending on the side of the table of the parties. The manufacturer might want at least some sort of non-compete agreement. On the other hand, a non-compete agreement will never be in the best interest of the trader. The distributors claimed that the supplier changed its distribution rights without further compensation, sold it directly to the distributors` customers, improperly transshipped and refused to agree to the sale of franchises. An expert appointed by the court found that F&V Distribution Last Time Beverage was held liable for the breach of several provisions of the contract, including provisions that prohibit traders from the exclusive right to market certain beverages in certain areas. .

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