Sample Financial Advisory Services Agreement

12. CONFIDENTIALITY. The advisor was able to access proprietary, private and/or otherwise confidential information (“confidential information”) from the recipient. Confidential information is all non-public information that constitutes, relates or relates to the exploitation of the beneficiary, including, but not limited to, all financial elements, investments, operational information, personnel, distribution, marketing, management and statistics of the recipient, as well as all business secrets, customer lists or the recipient`s price information. The nature of the information and the nature of the disclosure are such that a reasonable person would consider it confidential. The advisor will not use at any time or in any way, either directly or indirectly, for the personal interest of the advisor, or will disclose confidential information, or communicate in any way. The advisor will protect this information and keep confidential information strictly confidential. This provision will continue to take effect after the end of this contract. At the end of the agreement, the Advisor returns to the recipient all confidential, physical or electronic information, as well as any other object used, established or controlled by the Councillor during the duration of the agreement. 6. PROFESSIONAL ABILITY.

The consultant is a professional who uses his own professional and business methods to provide services. The advisor has not received and will not receive training from the recipient in the performance of the services. Both the client and the advisor agree and recognize that if the agreement is violated by one of the parties, the non-injurious party is entitled to remedy the breach by a temporary or permanent injunction by the courts of [Sender.County], [Sender.State]. The non-injurious party is not responsible for the evidence of the injury and both parties agree that the non-injurious party will be able to provide a full copy of the financial advisory agreement and fully enforce it and enforce it by the court. Councillor acknowledges that he will have knowledge and access to non-public information within the meaning of federal law. Accordingly, Consultant undertakes not to make purchases or sales of client portfolios and will make reasonable efforts to protect this information and prevent it from reaching third parties, unless this has been authorized beforehand by the customer. In addition, Consultant undertakes not to include or disclose this information in financial reports for public distribution, including annual reports, press releases and investor communications.