Merger Agreement Sample

(a) to authorize Trust Fund A: and setting quotas above the sum of – per day from – until the date of the merger, in full satisfaction with XYZ`s commitments for the year – which (4) are currently held by XYZ or by one of its subsidiaries, the nature and condition that are appropriate for their respective activities and which carry out their ordinary activities up to the date of the merger; Two of them. To enable ABC to coordinate XYZ`s operations at and after the date of the merger with ABC, XYZ provides ABC`s senior executives and authorized representatives with free and complete access to XYZ`s works, real estate, books and records, and XYZ officials will provide ABC with financial and operational data and other information on the activities and features of XYZ and its subsidiaries. request in due course. ABC grants this access to XYZ`s senior officials and agents prior to the merger date, and ABC agents will charge XYZ with this data and information, as XYZ reasonably requires for the establishment of their mandate at the general meeting of shareholders to be appointed in accordance with Article I, paragraph 1, of this agreement. ABC and XYZ agree that ABC and XYZ, together with their senior managers and representatives, will receive all the data and information they have received from each other, as long as they are not publicly available and the proposed merger is not completed as planned, all data and information they receive from each other will be treated in a strictly confidential manner until it is publicly available and the planned merger is not completed as planned. , ABC and XYZ will return all data to the other party, as the other party may reasonably require. 3. Immediately after the date of the merger, the amount of capital of the surviving limited company represented by its outstanding shares pursuant to Article VII of this agreement is equal, for each common share, to the par value – per share – and the amount of the ABC preferred share in the series of “O” per share. Notwithstanding the agreement of the shareholders and at any time prior to the filing, the presentation and registration of this agreement may be postponed from time to time by the mutual agreement of the respective boards of directors of each constituent company and, to the extent provided below under points (a), (c) and (d) below, the merger may be cancelled: if the merger is abandoned in accordance with the previous provisions , this agreement is cancelled and has no effect without liability for the companies saved or their shareholders, directors or executives, except for the obligation for each constituent company to bear its own expenses in accordance with this Article XI.