Marriage Agreement Nyt Crossword

I loved that puzzle. I filled the NW square and thought it was a Monday too easy. 17A launched went immediately into WENTunderground. Surprise surprise. That`s a good answer. The absence of an “s” did not bother me at all compared to the joy of this sparkling response. The rather bland British theme was more than offset by the snazzy subjects answering sentences. The puzzle continued with a simple but solid 4-letter prank in combination with surprising things like PEM instead of MOpE. Very moo. What a beautiful lunar surprise. Stop the symptoms of OCTOPI.

The language grows organically, not according to the old rules. OCTOPus has 3 plurals after use. ABACUS has undergone a Greek transformation similar to that of Latin to English. I guess there is a reason why there is no controversy. Someone can let me know. I think OCTOPI was actually the most common plural originally used in English. Corrections are welcome. Use counts in every case.@Z yesterday. The first unwritten rule in crossword puzzles: references are not definitions.

I thought you might be wrong there. I thought I saw old crossword puzzles that could have given clues to the list of clues. I have not found any. But the first crossword actually called them “definitions” (although not all definitions). I could not find out when they started to be given clues or if they had ever been mentioned in the printed puzzles. More info, if anyone knows. 13D: “Marriage arrangement?” sounds as if the indication requires a contract, but today`s answer is the only acceptable agreement, which is YES, DEAR. Did you finish the marriage contract? Crossword puzzles? Check back on the other crossword puzzles from the New York Times Crossword January 24, 2020. What do you call all the words in a CW puzzle with “S” or “ES” added to them? What do you call all those words that intersect in crossword puzzles that are foreign language names or words? A conveinence of the pluralA nest of Naticks (Or knots) Nice puzzle, but no pleasant comments.

We`ve been here before with OCTOPUS. If you look in the research books (dictionaries), you will see that most of the time, all octopuses or octopes or OCTOPI give to the plural. It is assumed that they provide the accepted English plural and do not care to provide the right plural in a foreign language. It is true that crossword puzzles contain words in Spanish, French, etc., but there is no rule that a counter-attack of a foreign language should use the correct plural of a foreign language instead of an accepted use in English for the plural. TTrimble: In the days of photography with the film, the company I used for my slide for development, to print the date when the film was developed on the slide case (is that the appropriate term?). The year and day of the month would be printed in numbers, but the month would be printed as an abbreviation of three letters. So many of my old slides have printed the abbreviation SEP on the cases. Most (but not all) online dictionary sources allow MS or SEPT as an accepted abbreviation. Don`t know your other Nissen, but online references don`t tend to support your problems that share your actions with others commenting here. Good luck in the final!! The pandemic was brutal for all of us, but I mourn all the students whose training, at any level, was interrupted and undoubtedly watered down in one way or another, because suddenly the format of the delivery had to be moved.