Enterprise Rental Agreement Terms And Conditions

5. Once the rental agreement is concluded, the company will ask the tenant and the driver to report the mobile phone number or other means of contact to communicate with the tenant and the driver during the rental period. 6. The lessee or driver shall bear sums equal to the deductibles from the insurance or compensation referred to in Article 31.1(2) or Article 31.1(3), unless otherwise provided. 3.7. If the renter does not return the vehicle to the agreed location on the return date indicated in the contract, the renter will pay for one day the rental fee indicated in the contract for each 24-hour period (additional rental days are calculated in accordance with section 5.3). 2.5.4. for driving in the field or on roads not intended for the vehicle; 1.1.1. The general conditions of sale – these general conditions of rental of the vehicle, which are the basis for the rental and use of the vehicle; 5.1. The rental fee is the price of use of the vehicle in accordance with the general conditions agreed at the time of signing the contract.

Rental fees include rent and fees for additional services (including limitations of liability) accepted by the tenant and indicated on the first page of the contract. All taxes are subject to the taxation provided for in the legal instruments of the Republic of Estonia. Provided that the tenant has the general conditions and price list, etc. The renter, which is fixed separately, can make reservations when renting the rental vehicle, according to the method indicated separately, taking in advance the category of the rental vehicle, the date of departure and time of the rental, the place of rental, the rental period, the place of return, the name of the driver, the use or non-use of a car seat or other accessories, as well as other rental conditions (hereinafter referred to as “rental conditions”). With regard to minibuses, the renter must make reservations, further indicating the traffic area or destination as well as the number of passengers and the purpose of the rental within the framework of the rental conditions. . . .