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Speaking to latin American ambassadors to the Organization of American States who had negotiated the dispute, President Johnson promised that “Panama can be confident in how confident we are that we all want an agreement that protects the interests and recognizes the needs of our two nations.” The effect of this departure was somewhat limited by the provision that consular officers enjoy full diplomatic immunity only if they are regular officers of the External Action Service. When Panama`s President Robert F. Chiari severed diplomatic relations with the United States on Jan. 10, he warned that diplomatic relations with the United States would only resume if Washington agreed to renegotiate the treaty. The pact, which granted the United States permanent control of the canal area, had been extensively revised in 1934 and 1955. On this page, you will find all the answers to the crossword Mention Diplomatic Agreement. Such a clause was the main objective of the United States in the negotiations that began last September. In exchange, the government reluctantly agreed to grant consular officials unconditional diplomatic immunity from prosecution: these two provisions are the main derogations from consular conventions that the United States, which has the most non-communist countries, maintains. WASHINGTON, April 3 — The United States and Panama today signed a joint statement providing for the immediate resumption of diplomatic relations. Ambassador Lavalle spoke about the agreement at the meeting and read the joint statement.

The bunker of Ambassado and Moreno signed it. After last night`s agreement. Events have moved at an unusual speed for diplomatic situations of this type. An air services agreement was initialled and was about to be formally proclaimed two years ago. The United States withdrew for a variety of reasons. On several occasions, it has abstained because of diplomatic crises. It also feared the loss of business for Soviet planes and the undermining of its campaign to dissuade other countries from exchanging air routes with Moscow. Officials said today that the air transport agreement is not being discussed now. It is expected that the consular convention will become a model for similar agreements with other communist countries. Other communist countries are now expected to aspire to similar provisions in their agreements with Moscow.

The agreement, to be signed Monday in Moscow, is the first bilateral treaty between the two countries. It must have the Council and the approval of two-thirds of the Senate for ratification. Nor does a consular convention define the rights, obligations and modes of operation of consuls representing the citizens of their citizens in non-dilological transactions. The former consulates were closed in 1948 at the initiative of the Soviet Republic. The lack of a consular agreement has periodically weighed on non-diplomatic transactions and relations. . . .