Builder Buyer Agreement Rera

It is also recommended to check the RERA registration number before investing in the thane Builder and developer project. The RERA number can be verified online and you can even search for the contract format online. Although RERA purchased the buyer`s security against Thane Builder and developer, buyers still don`t know all the details related to this document. It is recommended that you appoint a lawyer to verify the owner-buyer contract. The lawyer must understand the real estate laws and ensure that there is no clause in the agreement that would cause legal problems for the buyer afterwards. The owner-buyer contract is therefore a very important legal document that you should not only read and understand in depth before signing, but also accept the help of an experienced lawyer or professional to verify this. Read the tips above to be fully prepared on your end. Filing a complaint with RERA in the absence of a owner-buyer agreement should be discussed taking into account the rights of home buyers. The main goal of adopting RERA is to safeguard the interests of home buyers. In addition, any aggrieved person may lodge a complaint with the rera authority for violation of the law, rules and regulations referred to in section 31 of the Act.

The intent of the RERA act is to remedy complaints from homebuyers and protect their interests. The owner-buyer agreement is a document that you must check in depth. This is a document that you should not only read in depth, but also understand each clause and how it makes you responsible in detail. Before you sign the document, make sure you understand the agreement. Since the document is so involved, it would help you hire a lawyer or seek the help of a lawyer friend who has experience in real estate law. After the implementation of RERA, the agreement between the contracting authority and the buyer must have clearly defined all possible conditions in the agreement. All projects registered by RERA should mention the same thing. Both parties must now ensure that the agreement complies with the rules set by RERA and the project must also be registered under RERA.

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